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Late medieval buckle

One of the artefacts found most frequently by detectorists are buckles. The majority are post-medieval in date but earlier examples aren’t particularly scarce.

Featured here is a late medieval buckle, which will be circa 1400 in date. It was unearthed by Brenda Orme, who thought it would be of interest to viewers of my website. It was unearthed from a field that had been searched many times before. This just go to show that you never know what my turn up, even on sites that have been detected on for several years.

It is usually just the buckle that surfaces but this one also has its attachment plate still in place. As is often the case, the fastening pin is missing but what remains is in very good condition and there is some decoration, albeit simplistic, on the plate.

If you have anything that you think would be of interest to other detectorists then do send in details to the website.

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