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John Short Cross Penny

Phil Thomson is the finder of this voided short cross penny. It’s a coin of King John with a reversed letter S in hENRICVS on the obverse. On the reverse the legend reads HENRI ON LVND, so Henri is the moneyer and London the mint. At the start of the legend is a cross pommee rather than the more usual cross pattee. The reversed S on the obverse and the cross pommee on the reverse mark this penny out as a coin of class Va2 (Standard Catalogue number 1350B), which is quite scarce. It has an unusual feature – a pellet to the right of the head – but this wouldn’t add anything to its possible commercial value.


The coin has been struck slightly off centre but is otherwise a strong VF. The catalogue price is £275; I have seen them sell for lower prices but as this is a nice looking example it shouldn’t be worth any less than £225.

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