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Irish voided long cross penny of Henry III

It’s not unusual for Irish hammered silver coins to be found in England. They shifted from the country they were struck through trade, the movement of people and were occasionally exported as they weighed less than their English counterparts.

Here’s an Irish voided long cross penny of Henry III, which was sent in by Mike Ruczynski. Coins like this one were struck to the same standard as English currency so there was no problem about them circulating in England.

Mike’s coin is an example of type 1b, which is listed in Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands as number 6236. On the obverse the legend, which is in three sections, reads hENRICVS REX III. The legend on the reverse is in four sections and reads RIC ARD OND IVE, so Ricard is the moneyer and Dublin the mint.


There is a crease mark and a dent to the edge on the obverse but this side is otherwise in about VF condition. On the reverse there is a flat area that corresponds with the crease on the obverse. Apart from the defects mentioned, the coin is in reasonably good condition and to a keen collector it should be worth around £90.

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