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Irish Penny of King John

Colin Stewart is the finder of this hammered silver coin. It’s an Irish penny of King John, On the obverse, set within a triangle, is the crowned head of John; to the left is the king’s hand holding a sceptre and to the right is a pierced quatrefoil; on this side the legend reads IOhA NNES REX. On the reverse is another triangle, with a swirling sun and a crescent moon in the centre, stars in the corners, and the surrounding legend reads ROBE RDON DIVE. Therefore, Roberd is the moneyer and Dublin the mint.

In Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands this type is listed as number 6228. Colin thought this could be a new variety as he believed there was an annulet to the left of the king’s head. What appears to be an annulet is in fact one of the jewels on the head of the sceptre; the high point of the jewel has been rubbed bright whereas the centre is dark and this makes it look like an annulet.


The coin is weak and/or flat in places on the obverse but the reverse is better. In its present condition it should be worth £50-60 to a collector of Irish coins.

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