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Identifying a coin from a fragment

This is another coin from a group sent in my John and Mike Ruczynski. These two enthusiasts have been detecting not for years but for decades. Over the years they have unearthed a wonderful array of finds.

Unfortunately, due to its irregular shape, this find counts only a fairly large fragment. On the obverse D REX can be seen behind a bare head facing left. On the reverse is part of a long cross and LEO stands out very well. LEO is likely to be the first three letters of the moneyer’s name but I can’t identify the mint as several different moneyers’ names begin with those three letters.

The preceding information allows me to say that this find is what remains of a long cross type penny of Aethelred II. In the Standard Catalogue pennies of this reign and type are listed as number 1151.


What is left of this coin is in Fine condition but it would not be of much value as merely a fragment. My best price range would be £20 – £25.

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