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Auction Results: Hanson’s Historica, Day 1 – 26 October

Hanson's Historica Auction of 26 October 2020

On 26 October, Hanson held a 2 day auction of Coins, Banknotes and Antiquities.

The following are a few highlights from day 1. All the prices quoted are at the fall of the hammer.

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Lot 10, a Celtic strap junction

75.21mm by 63.37mm, 97.81 grams, some elements missing but what remains is in magnificent condition. £2,000.

Lot 14, a Roman silver finger ring

75.21mm by 63.37mm, 2nd-4th century AD, 8.82 grams, 20.32 internal diameter, the inscription, OHC TY, appears to have been added at a later date, £60.

Lot 50, A Roman copper-alloy brooch

circa 2nd century AD, Polden Hill type, 52.78mm overall, 10.62 grams. £40.

Lot 72, a Carolingian gold finger ring

circa 9th century AD, 15.74 internal diameter, 6.72 grams, lozenge-shaped bezel decorated with granulated beads, the centre set with a cabochon garnet. £900.

Lot 74, an Anglo-Saxon lozenge-shaped gold pendant

circa 6th century AD, 21.04mm by 14.68mm, 2.14 grams, set with a large dark red garnet, £700.

Lot 102, Medieval Vessica Seal

a large and important medieval vesical-shaped copper-alloy seal matrix, circa 14th-15th century, 43mm by 29mm, 28.2 grams, the inscription translates as ‘Seal of deanery of Eton’. £1,000.

Lot 103, a medieval gold finger ring

circa 13th century, 16.97 internal diameter, 3.40 grams, shank decorated around the exterior, the bezel set with a large and impressive natural ruby.  £6,800.

Lot 158, a late medieval pilgrim’s lead ampulla

circa 15th century, 55mm tall, 38.69 grams, from the shrine at Walsingham, decoration to both sides, in an exceptionally good state of preservation, £100.

Lot 175, a medieval vesical-shaped copper-alloy seal matrix

circa 14th century, 28.80mm tall, 6.86 grams, the face with the Pelican in Piety and an inscription reading SVH PELICANVS DEI. £120.

Lot 191, a post-medieval silver hawking vervel

‘ring and shield’ type, 1.10 grams, 5.20mm internal diameter of the ring, the shield with a head of a heraldic beast emerging from a ducal coronet. £1,500.

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