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Henry VIII, half crown

Cai Antoney said that this coin was unearthed by a club member. Apparently, someone suggested that details should be sent to my website.

The coin is pictured here. It’s a hammered gold coin of Henry VIII and the second to be featured this month. It measures 19mm in diameter, so it is a gold halfcrown of a type that was struck during the third coinage.

On the obverse is a crowned Tudor rose flanked by H and R. On the reverse is a crowned shield bearing the quartered arms of England and France; the legend on this side starts with hENRIC 8 and ends with HIB REX.

There is a flat area on both sides at the start of the legend. The flat area is crucial, as it is where the mint mark is situated. I can’t be absolutely certain about the mint mark but the most likely candidate is pellet in circle for the Tower of London mint (number 3211 in the Standard Catalogue).


Both sides of the coin would grade good Fine but the flat spot on both sides needs to be allowed for in any valuation. And, the images I received suggest that the flan is a bit uneven. As it stands, I’d suggest a price range of £600 – £700.

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