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Henry VIII Half Angel

This is another gold coin from the collection built up over 40 years by Roger Paul. It’s a first coinage half angel of Henry VIII. The mint mark isn’t altogether clear but castle superimposed by a letter H is the most likely.

To the left of the ship’s mast on the reverse is a letter h and to the right a rose. The punctuation marks in the legends are double and single saltires. In the Standard Catalogue half angels of this type are listed as number 2266.


The flan looks to be slightly uneven but overall the coin would grade at least Fine. It is not a rarity but half angels are found less frequently than full angels of Henry VIII. Almost exactly 12 months since a half angel of the same type, graded as good Fine, was sold at auction and the hammer price was £700. The condition of Paul’s coin isn’t as good, so a pre-sale auction estimate might be no higher than £500.

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