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Henry VIII, crown piece

Grant Whybrow had identified this hammered gold coin as Standard Catalogue number 2306. I was told that it was found about five years since and Grant wanted me to provide a valuation.

The coin is a gold crown piece of Henry VIII with mint mark pellet in annulet on both sides. On the obverse is a crowned Tudor rose, which is flanked by H and R, both of which are crowned. On the reverse is a crowned shield bearing the quartered arms of England and France and this is flanked a crowned H and R. All this adds up to this coin being struck during the third coinage of Henry VIII.

Most gold crowns have a legend on the reverse starting with RVTILANS but on this coin the word is omitted. This is why Grant has identified the coin as S. 2306. However, it has an annulet on the inner circle on the reverse (at the right-hand side of the base of the crown over the shield) so it is Standard Catalogue number 2307, which is a rare variety. Several gold and silver coins of the third coinage have an annulet on the inner circle. It was probably a privy mark, placed on some issues by die makers for a purpose unclear today.


The obverse would grade about VF but the edge is ragged in one area; the reverse is Fine but there is an edge chip at 1 o’clock. If I was cataloguing this coin for sale at auction I would set the pre-sale estimate at £1,200 – £1,500.

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