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Henry VII penny of York

This hammered silver coin came in from Tony Hollis, who asked for a full ID and some idea of its possible value.

It’s a penny of the sovereign type, so-called because the obverse is similar to the gold sovereigns first issued late in the 15th century. On the obverse the king is seated on a throne with no pillars. The shield of arms within the inner circle on the reverse has keys below it and the legend reads CIVITAS EBORACI. All these characteristics add up to the coin being a Henry VII penny of York, which was struck for the profit of Archbishop Rotherham. In the Standard Catalogue the type is listed as umber 2235.  .


The coin is short of flan, both sides have been struck well off centre and the overall grade would be Fair/Fine. It’s not a scarce coin and in its present condition I would price it no higher than £20.

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