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Henry VII Groat

Ian Darke said this coin is just one from a group found early this year on a field that had been ploughed for the first time in 50 years. He said that the finds covered a range of periods and some were in really good condition. Don’t you wish you could join him on a site as productive as this one? All I would need is a single coin to double my score for 2020! The coin pictured here is a rather nice London groat of Henry VII. The king wears a crown with two plain arches and there are crosses by his neck, so this is one of the varieties of class II (number 2196 in the Standard Catalogue). It’s unusual in that it has a mint mark neither on the obverse nor the reverse. I’ve seen a few Henry VII groats as detecting but this is the first specimen of class II.


The catalogue price (£100 in Fine condition) suggests it isn’t particularly scarce but it is rare, especially with crosses by the bust. The coin is slightly weak in places but the obverse would grade about VF, the reverse VF. Additionally, it shows no sign whatsoever of ever having been in the ground. In its present condition a likely auction estimate would be £220-250.

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