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Henry VI penny

This is another recent find, which was unearthed by Oliver Jackson. The images were forwarded to me so that I could provide further details.

Oliver’s find is a hammered silver penny. On the obverse there is a star to the left of the crown worn by the king and the legend reads hEnRICVS REX AnGLIE; there is a double saltire stop before REX and a mascle directly after it.

On the reverse the legend is divided up into four sections: it reads CIVI TAS DVn- LMI. The second V on the reverse is overstruck and the letter after n is an O struck over a letter L. There is a mascle after LMI.

Despite the fact that there are no roses on it, this coin was struck during the rosette mascle coinage of Henry VI. It was issued by Thomas Langley, who at the time was Bishop of Durham. In the Standard Catalogue pennies of this type are listed as number 1869.


The coin is weak in places but struck on a good sized flan and it would grade better than Fine for the issue. It’s also rare and to a specialist collector it shouldn’t be worth and less than £100.

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