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Henry VI half penny

John Lashmar asked if I could identify and place a value of this hammered silver coin, which is a halfpenny of Henry VI.

On the obverse the legend reads+ hEnRIC REX AnGL and there are no distinguishing marks on or near the bust of the king. The reverse is the usual type, with a long cross pattee dividing the legend into four sections (CIVI TAS LOn DOn). There is an annulet in the centre of two of the groups of three pellets in the angles. All this adds up to the coin being struck at London during the annulet coinage of Henry VI.


This coin has unusually good surfaces and nice toning for a detecting find. The obverse is weak in places but is otherwise in good Fine condition. The reverse isn’t as good, as it has been struck off centre and is double struck. This isn’t a rare coin and in its present condition I would price it no higher than £25.

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