Henry III penny

Here is another coin from the group that came in from Jamie New. It’s an English voided short cross penny of Henry III.

On the obverse is a fairly rough head of the king and within the inner circle on the reverse a voided short cross with a quatrefoil in each angle. The lettering on both sides is rather crude.

This penny has characteristics that mark it out as a coin of class VIIb. What can be seen of the legend on the reverse reads +RICARD ON, so the moneyer is Ricard. The mint signature can’t be seen but a moneyer named Ricard was an official at only one mint – London, so that is where this penny must have been struck.


The reverse is off centre but the coin is otherwise slightly better than Fine for the issue. It’s not a scarce coin but to a keen collector is should be worth around £30.

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