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Henry III Penny

Lots of Henry III pennies are unearthed by detectorists, mostly of the London and Canterbury mints. The specimen featured here, which was found by Paul Marland, is a bit different as it was struck at one of the provincial mints.

The reverse has been struck off centre and the coin is about one third flat on both sides but the remainder would grade about VF. It’s an example of voided long cross class 3b, which is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 1363. If the full legend on the reverse was visible it would read RIC ARD ONL INC, so Ricard is the moneyer and Lincoln the mint


The faulty strike and flat areas will have a significant impact on its value. However, as pennies of Lincoln ae much scarcer than those of Canterbury and London, Paul’s find could still sell for around £50.

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