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Henry III, Irish penny

Roger Paul said he found this coin some time back but thought I would be interested to see it. It’s an Irish voided long cross type penny of Henry III. Pennies of this type were first struck to circulate in Ireland at the same time as voided long cross coins started to be issued in England.

On the obverse the king’s head is in a triangle; to the left is a hand holding a sceptre and to the right a cinquefoil. The reverse is the same as on English coins of the same type.

On the reverse the legend reads RIC ARD OND IVE, so Richard is the moneyer and Dublin the mint. Roger’s find has characteristics that mark it out as a penny of class Ib. In Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands it is listed as number 6236.


I’ve seen a few similar coins as detecting finds but this is one of the best. The obverse would grade near VF, the reverse VF, and in this condition in today’s strong market I would estimate its value at £120 – £150.

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