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Henry III, cut halfpenny

This is the second cut halfpenny found by Anthony Hopkinson. It dates from after the death of King John, when his son was on the throne of England.

The coin is a voided long cross cut halfpenny of Henry III. It’s an example of class III but I can’t pin it down to a sub-class as crucial detail doesn’t show up.

On the reverse the legend reads VST IAC, which at first sight doesn’t make sense. However, when the original penny was cut in two what remained of the legend was the end of the mint signature and the start of the moneyer’s name. The whole legend on the penny would have read IAC OBO NBR VST, so the moneyer would be Iacob and the mint Bristol.

The moneyer, whose full name was James Laware or La Warre, is rare for the mint.


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