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Henry II Tealby type penny

This coin came in from Piotr Majerczak, who knew what it was but he wanted a valuation on his find.

The coin is a cross and crosslets type penny of Henry II. This is usually catalogued as the Tealby type and is named after a large hoard of similar pennies discovered in Lincolnshire in the early 19th century.

This penny is weak in places but is still well above average for the type. On the reverse the legend starts with +WIL, so the moneyer is Willem. A moneyer of this name is on record as being an official at a number of mints. Unfortunately, the last part of the legend is very weak so I can’t be sure of the reading. However, the last three letters could be NEV with the letter N reversed; if this is the case then the mint will be Newcastle.

It is also difficult to pin down the class but the coin is most likely to be class D or E.


The uncertainty about the mint and class are minus points. Despite the uncertainty, this is still a decent looking Henry II Tealby type penny and it shouldn’t be worth any less than £80 to a collector.

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