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Henry II, penny

The coin pictured here was sent in by Steve Simmons. It’s a hammered silver penny, which was struck when Henry II was on the throne of England.

This penny dates from very early in the voided short cross coinage, which commenced in 1180. It is an example of class Ib1, with a legend on the reverse reading +AIMER ON LVND. Therefore, Aimer is the moneyer and London the mint.


The coin would grade about VF but the high points on both sides have been eaten into; this will be due to it being in damp conditions for a few centuries. It is still a reasonably attractive penny of Henry II, on which my price range would be £90 – £120.

Reported to FLO

During the same detecting session, close to the coin described above was found, Steve unearthed another hammered silver penny. He said it was great to find two hammered silver pennies during the same detecting outing. The other coin was another penny of Henry II, this time an example of the Tealby coinage. When two or more silver coins over 300 years old are found close together and are also close to each other in date, they count as being a Treasure find. Therefore, Steve said he would be reporting this pair of Henry II pennies to his local FLO.

After reporting his finds to the FLO Steve got in touch with me again. He said the FLO had checked the situation with the British Museum and was told: “As they are from two different periods of coinage it’s unlikely they would be used or saved together.” This seems to be a curious decision, as the short cross coinage of Henry II came immediately after the Tealby type.

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