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Auction Results: Hanson’s Historica Day 2 – 27 October

Hanson's Historica Auction of 26-27 October, Day 2

On 27 October, was day 2 of Hanson’s auction of Coins, Banknotes and Antiquities.

The following are a few highlights from that day. All the prices quoted are at the fall of the hammer.

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Lot 219, Ancient British gold quarter stater

Belgae, Hayling Wreath type, ABC 812, this is the only known specimen of the type struck in solid gold.  £2,000

Lot 222, Ancient British gold stater

Catuvellauni and Trinovantes, Cunobelin, Classic type, 5.35 grams, ABC 2798.  £2,900.

Lot 225, Gallo-Belgic uniface gold stater

Ambiani, 6.25 grams, ABC 16.  £500.

Lot 242, Carausius denarius

London, AD 286-87, Fortuna seated on reverse with RSR below, 4.11 grams, RSC 66, crack in flan but stable.  £1,100.

Lot 249, Otho denarius

Securitas standing on reverse, 3.27 grams, RSC 17.  £500.

Lot 257, Commodus sestertius

Securitas seated on reverse, 23.88 grams, RIC 529, attractive patination.  £300.

Lot 303, Anglo-Saxon gold thrymsa

post-Crondall, helmeted head on obverse, Pada type Ib, TOTXX in standard on reverse, 1.22 grams, S. 768A.  £2,750.

Lot 304, Harold II penny of Cambridge

PAX type, moneyer Wulfwi, S. 1186, well struck, nicely toned and the only known specimen with this mint and moneyer combination. £4,000.

Lot 305, Eadgar portrait penny

pre-reform coinage, the mint perhaps Norwich, moneyer Boge, S. 1138. £2,300.

Lot 306, Beonwulf portrait penny of Ipswich

group II, moneyer Eacga, North (English Hammered Coinage) reference 397, a previously unpublished variety. £3,800.

Lot 307, Anglo-Saxon thrymsa

Whitman type, bust facing right on obverse, cross in beaded circle on reverse, S753. £3,000.

Lot 311, Scotland, Robert Bruce penny

S. 5076, very rare.  £2,400

Lot 312, Henry I penny of London

type VI, moneyer Sigar, S. 167, found during 2020, the condition well above average for the type, very rare, £3,100.

Lot 314A, Henry of Anjou penny of Wallingford

time of Stephen, moneyer Robert, North  940/2, extremely rare. £6,000.

Lot 317, Edward III half noble of London

transitional treaty period, North reference 1223.  £680.

Lot 318, Richard II quarter noble of London

class IVa, scallop above shield on obverse, S. 1577, rare. £500.

Lot 323, Henry VIII gold halfcrown

third coinage, M.M. pellet in annulet, S. 2311, an attractive hammered gold coin.  £800.

Lot 326A, Mary half angel

M.M. pomegranate, S. 2491, has been professionally straightened, extremely rare. £10,000

Lot 1053, Charles I Gold Unite

L, Tower mint, M.M. anchor (1638-39), a very attractive and desirable coin. £6,700.


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