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Halfpenny of Richard II

George Bates is the finder of this hammered silver halfpenny, which is very badly struck. The hammerman appears to have struck it once then belted it again but not ensured the silver disc was still in the same place.

This is an early halfpenny of Richard II, with a reverse legend reading CIVI TAS LON DON. Halfpennies of this reign with Roman Ns in LON DON are much scarcer than those reading LOn DOn. Another scarce and interesting feature is the tiny saltire on the king’s breast. In the Standard Catalogue halfpennies of this type are listed as number 1698.


The coin doesn’t display much circulation wear but the double striking certainly detracts from its overall appearance and will have a significant impact on its possible commercial value.  In its present condition my price range would be no higher than £25 – £30.

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