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Halfgroat of the Commonwealth

This hammered silver coin was unearthed by Mike Ruczynski, who said it came off a field made up of more flint than soil.

The coin is a halfgroat of the Commonwealth. Soon after the execution of Charles I in 1649 England was declared by the English Parliament to be a Commonwealth and Republic. This lasted until 1660 when the monarchy was restored and the eldest son of Charles I became Charles II.

The halfgroat illustrated in the Standard Catalogue (number 3221) has a stop to the left of the mark of value (II). Mike pointed out that his find is different, as it has a stop to the right of II. In accrual fact Commonwealth halfgroats should have a stop either side of the mark of value. However, one or the other often doesn’t show up.


Mike coin hasn’t much wear but the crease marks on both sides detract from its overall appearance. In its present condition I’d price it no higher than £30.

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