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Halfgroat of Henry VII

This 21mm diameter silver coin was sent in by a detectorist who signed himself as Steve. The find was unearthed in Cumbria and I was asked to provide a full ID and a valuation for a landowner.

The coin is a halfgroat of Henry VII, with a profile portrait of the king on the obverse, mint mark rose on both sides and the legend on the reverse starts with POSVI. Coins with this reverse legend are usually London but this one was struck at Canterbury. Halfgroats of this type made up a joint issue of Henry VII and the Archbishop of Canterbury and are listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2261.    


The obverse would grade Fine but double struck and the reverse is about VF but the coin has a highly significant defect: a hole at the top. For most hammered silver enthusiasts the hole would kill it as a collectors’ piece. Without the hole it could have been worth £80-90 but with it my highest valuation figure would be £20.


Steve will be reporting this find to his local FLO. This is because it has been pierced and could have been used as jewellery, which effectively turns it into a reportable find under the Treasure Act.

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