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Halfgroat of Charles I

This is the first from a small group of finds that came in from Damian Mcgovern. It’s a small hammered silver halfgroat of Charles I.

On the obverse, facing left, is a bust of the king with II (the mark of value) behind. Within the inner circle on the reverse is an oval shield of arms. The mint mark on both sides is a sceptre, which dates the coin to 1646-48.

This halfgroat was struck towards the end of the first Civil War, when the Parliamentary army had crushed the forces loyal to the king. It’s an example of type 3a7 and is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2836.


The coin would grade good Fine in terms of circulation wear but the flan is uneven, which is a minus point. Despite the obvious defect, this is still a reasonably attractive coin and could sell for a figure in the region of £40.

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