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Halfcrown of Charles I

This large hammered silver coin was unearthed about a year since by Mike Ruczynski. He didn’t tell me the depth it was retrieved from but if it was near the surface then the signal would have been very loud.

Mike’s find is a halfcrown of Charles I, which was struck during the first Civil War of the 1640s. The mint mark is either (P) or (R) but I can’t say which as it shows up only partly on one side. The coin is an example of type 3a3 and was struck at the mint in the Tower of London when it was under the control of Parliament. The earliest date of issue will be 1643 and the latest 1645.


There isn’t much wear on the obverse but it has been struck off centre and is heavily scratched. The reverse is also off centre and has a deep scratch below the shield. Unfortunately, the overall condition isn’t good but a keen collector might still be willing to pay £50 to £60 in order to acquire this halfcrown.

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