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Half groat of Edward III

This hammered silver coin is a recent find and was sent in by John Lashmar. However, John said he knew it was a halfgroat but nothing else, so he asked me to provide an ID and a valuation.

The legend on the obverse starts with EDWARDVS and the cross before the letter E, together with the general style, points towards this halfgroat being a coin of Edward III. On the reverse the inner legend reads CIVI TAS EBO RACI, so it was struck at the mint situated in York rather than the one in the Tower of London. The coin was issued during series E of the fourth coinage of Edward III and is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 1581.     


John’s find would grade Fair to Fine but there is a straight area on the edge, which suggests that a small piece might have been sheared off. In its present condition my price range would be £25 – £30.

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