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Half Crown of George V

Pictured here is a George V halfcrown, which is one of four bought by Mike Ruczynski for £15. The dates of the quartet were 1915, 1916, 1917and 1918 and Mike wanted to know if the group had been a good buy at £15?

Only one halfcrown is illustrated but Mike said all of them were in similar condition. The coin would grade Fine with no weak spots. Up to 1919 all British silver coins were.925 part of a thousand silver. From 1920 to 1946 the silver content was only 50% and from 1947 onwards they were made of cupro-nickel.


Pre-1920 silver coins usually sell for around 40 times face value, which works out at £5 each for halfcrowns. When selling to a bullion dealer they are usually checked to see if they are the full weight. Therefore, very worn coins do not fetch such a high premium.

All of Mike’s coins are in good condition so the group should be worth at least £20 and probably more to a collector of 20th century silver. Therefore, at £15 this was a good buy.

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