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Half crown of Edward VII

This coin was sent in by Olaf Woods. When I inquired if it was a detecting find he said it wasn’t. Instead, someone had presented him with the coin as a gift.

The coin is a halfcrown of Edward VII. I’ve seen a few silver coins of this reign as detecting finds but this one is rather special

During the 20th century halfcrowns were struck every year from 1900 to 1967. Amongst these the two rarest issues are 1937 bearing the name of Edward VIII and 1952 (only two or three of this date known). The third rarest is the 1905 halfcrown of Edward VII.


In uncirculated condition a 1905 halfcrown could sell for £10,000. However, Olaf’s specimen would grade at best about Fine, so would be worth much less. In its present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be no higher than £300 – £400. The amount of wear pushes the value down but I’m sure that readers would agree that this was a great gift to receive.

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