Guinea of George III

Stuart Hunt said this gold guinea was found last week in Dorset. It’s a coin of George III and has on the obverse the fourth head of this king.

On the reverse the date (1777) is divided into two parts by the crown over the shield of arms. The date is one of the scarcer ones for this type of guinea.


There is a faint scratch on the chin of George III but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. As it stands, to a collector it should be worth £600 – £700.

George III shillings dated 1787

I’ve mentioned before that a very high number of George III shillings dated 1787 were struck. However, most were hoarded instead of being placed into circulation. Therefore, with only a few in circulation this would mean that few would be lost. Proof of this strange situation comes from detecting finds. Over the years I’ve seen dozens of George III gold coins as detecting finds but hardly any 1787 shillings. It is a fact that it is far easier to find a George III gold coin than it is to locate a single 1787 shilling.

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