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Groat of Henry VIII

This is the second coin from the group of three that came in from Robin Dones. It was found locally and is a groat of Henry VIII, which was struck at London during the second coinage.

The coin has mint mark fleur de lis on both sides. Second coinage groats aren’t rare but they have always been very popular with collectors. In terms of wear this specimen might grade Good Fine but the entire background is covered in a black deposit, which certainly detracts from its overall appearance.


As it stands, with the black deposit this groat would be worth a fraction of what it could sell for it the surface was good. Quite possibly there are treatments available that would remove the black background but that would have to be done with care or it could end up looking worse. Its present condition would deter many collectors from bidding for it but with a price range of £40 – £50 it might attract a buyer.

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