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Groat of Henry VII

Pete Anning said this is the best hammered silver groat he has ever found. It turned up last week and Pete was told that it is a coin of Henry VII. I was asked for my opinion on this find, including what it might be worth.

Firstly, this is a groat of Henry VII. On the obverse King Henry wears a crown with a double-line at the base and a double line curve at the top, on which are six upright strokes. The legend on this side reads hEnRIC DI GRA AGLIE Z F.

On the reverse the inner legend reads CIVI TAS LOn DOn, so this groat was struck at the mint in the Tower of London. The mint mark on both sides is a cross crosslet.

The preceding information adds up to this groat being an example of type IVb, which is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2201. There are several varieties and this coin is one of the rarities.      T


he obverse would grade VF, the reverse nearly VF. This groat is in very good condition but its overall appearance is that of a coin that has been in the ground and this is a significant minus poimt when it comes to its market value. Had it being nicely toned with good surfaces then I’d have said £300. However, as it stands in its ‘as found’ condition it might sell for a figure nearer to £150.

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