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Groat of Henry VI

Since this website was set up I’ve featured a number of groats of Henry VI. Some have been in very good condition but the specimen featured here is probably the best.

This coin was unearthed from pasture land, on which the grass was very short due to continuous grazing by a flock of sheep, The finder, who signed himself as Mr Wyllie, said he was over the moon to discover a groat in such good condition.

Mr Wyllie’s find has rosettes and mascles in the legend on both sides, so it is a product of the rosette mascle conge (1430-31). The mint signature on the reverse is Calais, which for a good length of time was under English control. Even though it lasted for only a couple of years, most specimens in silver of the rosette mascle coinage are fairly common, especially those struck at Calais.


The obverse would grade VF, the reverse good VF and there is no sign of a defect of any kind. In its present state of preservation it shouldn’t be worth any less than £200 to a collector.

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