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Groat of Henry VI

Robin Dones is the finder of this rather attractive groat of Henry VI. It was unearthed from a field in Northamptonshire on 17 October, from the same site as another groat of Henry VI.

The coin was struck during the first decade of the first reign of Henry VI. On the obverse some of the punctuation marks are rosettes and there is a mascle after REX. On the reverse there is a rosette after POSVI and the inner legend on this side reads CIVI TAS LON DON; there is a mascle before LON, a rosette after DON and the S of TAS has clearly been struck over a letter D. All this adds up to the coin being struck during the rosette mascle coinage.

The obverse would grade about VF, the reverse VF. This is a very nice coin of Henry VI and as it was struck at London it is rare.

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