Groat of Edward IV

The find pictured here came in from a detectorist who uses the pseudonym ‘Lucky’. It’s a hammered silver coin and Lucky wanted me to provide him with more information about it.

Firstly, it is silver and 25mm in diameter so it must be a groat. On the obverse there are quatrefoils by the king’s chin, a letter B on his breast and the mint mark on both sides is a radiant sun. Therefore, this can only be a groat of Edward IV. The B stands for Bristol and this groat will have been struck during the light coinage of the first reign of Edward IV.

In the Standard Catalogue groats of this type are listed as number 2004. They aren’t particularly scarce but they turn up as detecting finds less often than London groats of Edward IV.


The obverse has been struck well off centre but the coin is otherwise in good Fine condition. Pricewise, I’d give Lucky’s find a price range of £90 to £120.

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