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Gold stater of the Corieltauvi

Luan Caldwell sent in the single image of this find. It’s an Ancient British gold stater and Luan didn’t photograph the other side as he said it was blank.

This gold stater is a coin of the Corieltauvi. It’s an example of the South Ferriby type, with a disjointed horse on the reverse, below which is a star with seven points. In Ancient British Coins the type is illustrated as number 1746 and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 390. In both cases the obverse has on it a very stylised head but on Luan’s find it is blank.


The coin is well struck and the detail looks so sharp that it could grade pretty close to EF. The blank obverse also turns it into a rare variety of the type. If it was offered for sale at auction then a likely pre-sale estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £400 – £500.

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