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Gold quarter stater of the Belgae

This find is the first of two coins sent in by Dean Bartha. It was unearthed from Hampshire soil on 21 September and Dean asked for a valuation and any other useful information.

The coin looks to be made of silver but it is actually an Ancient British gold quarter stater of the Belgae, a tribe that was based in Hampshire. In the centre of the obverse is a cogwheel, which is surrounded swirling S-scrolls. On the reverse a left-facing horse has a spoked wheel above, a floral sun below, a ring-and-dot under the head and another under the tail.

This quarter stater is an example of the Danebury Scrolls type. In Ancient Brutish Coins it is listed as number 791. It does not appear in the Standard Catalogue but this isn’t surprising as it is listed in ABC as being extremely rare.


On the reverse the horse’s head is off the flan but the coin is otherwise in good VF condition. As it is a real rarity, if it was offered up at auction I would expect the pre-sale estimate to be in the region of £1,500 – £2,000.

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