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Gold Quarter Stater – Catuvellauni

I’ve known Roger Paul for roughly 20 years and here is one of his recent finds. Roger is lucky enough to detect in an area where it is not particularly unusual to unearth Ancient British material. Pictured here is a gold quarter stater, which is a coin of the Catuvellauni. On the obverse is a wreath design, with two opposed crescents in the centre and ANDO in the angles. On the reverse is a horse facing left, with a bucranium (an ornament in the shape of a skull) above and a wheel below.

In Ancient British Coins it is listed as the Andoco Crescent Wreath type (circa 20-1 BC, number 2718) and in the Standard Catalogue it is number 263. The high points are slightly flat but the coin is otherwise in VF condition. Roger said he had some more good finds, which he would be sending in soon so I’m looking forward to seeing them.


A likely pre-sale auction for this quarter stater in its present state of preservation would be £500-600.

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