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Gold half sovereign of Victoria

Pictured here is a gold half sovereign of Victoria, which was found by John Lashmar whilst he was out detecting.

On the obverse is the young head of Victoria with the date, 1870, below. On the reverse is a shield of arms, which has a pellet on the vertical line situated just above the horizontal dividing line. Below the shield is a die number, in this case 41.

The coin is listed as type A2 in the Standard Catalogue (number 3860). There is a variety (3860A) but this coin appears to be the standard type.


In terms of circulation wear this half sovereign would grade good VF. However, there are many faint nicks and scratches on the obverse and there are significant edge knocks on the reverse. It’s still an attractive coin but with the defects mentioned I would price it no higher than £220.

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