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George III Half Penny

This coin came in from Brendan Burnett. It’s a George III halfpenny but is different to those I see as detecting finds. Over the years detectorists have dug up tens of thousands of George III halfpennies; I might even be underestimating the number, for it could run into hundreds of thousands. I’ve found a few myself but they are almost always worn through long circulation and/or corroded because they have been in the ground.

Brendan’s find is different because of its state of preservation. Instead of being poor it is in way above average condition. It would grade VF and has good eye appeal

The coin is dated 1770 beneath Britannia. The last issue of halfpennies during the reign of George II was in 1754. It would be sixteen years later, in 1770, when then next halfpennies were struck, when George III was on the throne; they were struck from 1770 to 1775 but then there was a gap until the next issue in 1799. It is therefore unsurprising that there was an acute shortage of small change. Fortunately for the economy, the shortfall was made up by tokens issued by towns and traders.


To a collector Brendan’s coin shouldn’t be worth any less than £75.

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