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George I Half Guinea

Over the years I’ve seen a number of gold coins of George I as detecting finds. The majority have had defects, which include scuffs, scratches and slight or significant bends. The George I half guinea shown here is presently in the hands of Mark James and I can’t remember seeing a better specimen as a detecting find. It is dated 1718, the obverse is VF and he reverse good VF or better. However, Mark did say it has a couple of minus points: the flan is slightly bent and there is a scuff to the obverse; the latter looks worse in the photograph than it actually is.


The defects are minor but they will make a difference to my valuation figure. Had there been no scuff to the obverse and no bend in the flan then I would have said £1,000. However, even tiny defects can deter some potential buyer, so a likely pre-sale auction estimate on Mark’s coin in its ‘as is’ condition would be £600-800.

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