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Gallo-Belgic quarter stater

Pictured here is a gold quarter stater, of a type that was imported into Britain from the Continent. The finder wished to remain anonymous but asked if I could provide a realistic valuation on the coin.

The obverse is plain. Above a bent line on the reverse is a treelike object with a bar at either side and below the line are other symbols. In the Standard Catalogue quarter staters of this type are listed under Gallo-Belgic issues as number 10; this particular reference number includes a number of varieties. In Ancient British Coins the coin is listed as number 43 as the Uniface Tree type of the Morini and dated to circa 56-55 BC.

In Ancient British Coins the type is said to be common. It might be common in comparison to many others but rare when set against coins in several other series.    


Working from the images on a computer screen, I would grade the reverse as good VF.  If offered for sale at auction I would expect the pre-sale estimate to be set at a figure no lower than £250.

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