Found something special

If you have found something really special and then plastered it all over the internet then don’t come to me for advice. If it has been on Facebook and other sites then you will have had comments from here, there and everywhere. At least some will have been on the lines of: “A mate of mine’s uncle said he had met someone in the pub who knew of a bloke who had once read in a newspaper a story about a similar item and it was worth loads of money.” If you come to me with something really special then the first thing I would say is: “Apart from those who really need to know (the landowner and the local FLO) don’t tell anyone about it.” Never forget that the copyright on photographs of an outstanding find rest with the person who took them. A really special find will be newsworthy and television companies, newspapers and other publications will all want to report it. Therefore, the story of the discovery of a find together with pictures of it can be worth a lot of money. I’ll give you advice based upon decades of experience and will get you the best possible deal on your find or finds.

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