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Expanding cross type penny of Edward the Confessor

I’ve been identifying finds for Glyn Peak for several years but can’t remember him ever unearthing an Anglo-Saxon penny. However, anyone who tries hard enough and long enough will find just about anything.

Pictured here is Glyn’s recent find: an expanding cross type penny of Edward the Confessor. Anglo-Saxon pennies don’t turn up very often so this specimen counts as a great detecting find.

The coin is an example of the expanding cross type. On the reverse the legend appears to read as ERNGRIM ON EOFERPI, so Arngrim will be the moneyer and York the mint. As is the case with most Edward the Confessor coins struck at York, there is an annulet in one quarter of the reverse.


In the centre on both sides it is slightly weak and there is an edge chip but the coin is otherwise in near VF condition. The slight defects would push my price range down to £220 to £250.

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