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Elizabeth I groat

Roger Paul said that when he unearthed this coin the flan was bent at an angle of 45 degrees. It’s a second issue (1560-61) groat of Elizabeth I with mint mark cross crosslet on both sides. Roger said that he annealed the coin and this allowed him to straighten it without breaking it in two. There is no sign of the bend on the reverse but a crease line does show up on the obverse. Nevertheless, it now looks far better than it did when bent at 45 degrees.


However, its eye appeal is reduced due to dark areas on both sides, especially behind the lettering. The coin would grade at least Good Fine but the crease and dark areas would have a significant impact on its commercial value. As it stands, I’d give it a price range of £60-100.

This might seem very wide but whilst some collectors might offer no more than the lower figure, others might be willing to pay up to the higher figure in order to acquire it.

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