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Edward IV Penny – York Mint

This is one find from a group of three sent in by Paul Marland. It’s a hammered silver coin but as can be seen by the illustrations its condition leaves much to be desired. Most of the legend on both sides is missing and the rest of the detail isn’t clear. However, from the detail that does show up I can say that this is a penny from the ecclesiastical mint at York and it was struck during the second reign of Edward IV.

On the obverse there is a rose to the right of the king’s neck and at the other side is a Gothic E or a G; I can’t say which as the crucial area is unclear. If it is a letter E then it was struck for the profit of the king; if it is a letter G then it was struck for Archbishop George Neville of York. In the Standard Catalogue the two varieties are listed as number 2128 and 2129. Lord Stewartby discusses similar coins on page 445, in English Coins 1180-1551.


The obverse of Paul’s find would grade only Fair, the reverse is better and would grade Fine. However, it looks to be heavily clipped and it has lost two pieces from its edge. Despite being quite scarce and an interesting collectors’ piece, in its present condition my most optimistic price range on this coin would be £10 – £15.

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paul marland
paul marland
3 years ago

brilliant work peter …thank you