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Edward IV groat

The images of this coin came in from a lady who said she wished to remain anonymous. It is one of two coins given to her by her brother some years since and I was asked to provide identifications and valuations on them both.

This was a rather nice gift, for it is a London groat of Edward IV who was the first monarch of the Yorkist dynasty. There would be only one more – Richard III – and then the House of York fell and was replaced by the Tudor dynasty, the first king of which was Henry VII.

The groat was struck during the first reign of Edward IV, which lasted from 1461 to October of 1470. It’s an example of the light coinage, which commenced in 1464 when the weight of groats was reduced from 60 to 48 grains.

On the obverse there are quatrefoils above the king’s shoulders and the mint mark on both sides is a crown. In the Standard Catalogue groats of this type are listed as number 2000.


The obverse has been struck slightly off centre but is otherwise in VF condition. The reverse isn’t quite as good but would grade about VF. It’s a nice looking coin and to a collector it shouldn’t be worth any less than £120.

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