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Edward IV groat

This coin was found by a detectorist named Ricky, with whom I have been out with a couple of times but that was a while back. For quite some time he has been off work due to injuries sustained when he was knocked off his pushbike. This accident meant that he couldn’t do his old job and also curtailed his detecting.

Richy’s find is a decent looking groat of Edward IV. It was struck during Edward’s second reign; it has mint mark small annulet on both sides and is an example of class XIV (number 2096 in the Standard Catalogue). There are no stops on the obverse and on the reverse the only stop appears to be a saltire after DEVM.

On the obverse the mint mark is squeezed in between FRANC and EDWARD. The lack of room for the mint mark is because REX is followed by another X, making it REXX. This is certainly unusual and I didn’t trace another specimen with this error.

This groat has seen some circulation but is well struck and would grade good Fine. The error in the obverse legend would add interest for a specialist collector.


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