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Edward III quarter noble

This coin was unearthed by John Warden but sent in by his daughter, Beverley Dott. Not all detectorists are fully conversant with computers but there is almost always an expert in the family who is.

I was told that John has been detecting for 35 years and wanted a few finds to be identified and valued. The first is a quarter noble of Edward III. This is undoubtedly the hammered gold coin most frequently found by detectorists.

On the obverse is a shield bearing the quartered arms of England and France. At the start of the legend the king’s name reads EDWARD. On the reverse is a floriated cross with a fleur de lis in the central panel.

A number of characteristics point towards this quarter noble being struck during the treaty period (1361-69). In the Standard Catalogue the type is listed as 1510-11.


Unfortunately, the overall condition could be better. In terms of circulation wear it would grade Fine but it might be slightly clipped, a crease mark shows up and the coin has scratches on both sides. On the plus side it is hammered gold but in its present state of preservation a pre-sale auction estimate would be unlikely to be any higher than £225.

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