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Edward III Quarter Noble


When initially found by John Bromley this hammered gold coin was twisted out-of-shape. It was restored by a professional and now has more eye appeal.


It’s a gold quarter noble of Edward III, which was struck at the mint situated in the Tower of London. On the obverse there is no French title, which points towards this coin being struck during the treaty period (1361-69). After the great English victory at Poitiers in 1356 the coffers were filled with gold and much of it was turned into coins. A huge number of quarter nobles were struck and this explains why so many have been unearthed by detectorists.


This specimen looks much better than it did when it surfaced but it is short of flan, the reverse has been struck off centre and there is an edge defect but the coin is otherwise in Fine condition. It has a few negative points but let’s face it – it’s hammered gold – so it should still command a pre-sale auction estimate of at least £250.

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