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Edward III noble

This hammered gold noble was unearthed by Theo Kenny, who asked if I could provide him with a valuation. The flan is wavy and out of shape but it looks as if the coin could be straightened without damaging any of the detail.

As is often the case, it is a London noble of Edward III. However, most of those I have seen as detecting finds belong to the treaty period. This one is a good deal rarer, for it was struck during the transitional treaty period (1361). In the Standard Catalogue nobles of this type are listed as number 1499.

On the reverse there is a large Lombardic letter E in the centre. The surrounding panel has an annulet on each point, which is a characteristic of this type.


The wavy flan makes it difficult to grade. The obverse looks to be good Fine but the reverse is better. In terms of its possible value, much depends on what it looks like after it has been straightened. Any flatness caused by this process would reduce its value. In its ‘as found’ condition it shouldn’t be worth less than £1,000 but this figure could rise, provided that the straightening improved its appearance.

Any remedial work on a coin as valuable as this one should only be entrusted to someone who is used to carrying out the necessary process. A skilled goldsmith would be ideal, an enthusiastic amateur would not.

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